1. Domestic cypress grown in the Tono area of Urakiso

Hinoki from the Ura Kiso region is a traditional wood that is also used as the outer shrine wood of Ise Grand Shrine.
It is one of the best Japanese cypress trees in Japan, not only for its beautiful grain, but also for its strong tenacity and ease of processing.

2. A single thick plate with excellent stability

It is made from a single piece of board with a thickness of 2.5cm.
It doesn’t warp easily and provides excellent stability while working.
Compared to plywood cutting boards, it does not crack at the joints and is said to be less prone to black mold.

3. Comfort unique to wood

At Kyoto Katsugu, we place great importance on the comfort and well-being of those who cook.
Compared to other materials, wood is overwhelmingly comfortable to the touch and gentle on knives.
Also, depending on how you cut it, the sound of the knife hitting the wooden cutting board can stimulate the appetite of those who are with you.

4. Precautions for use

Before use, please wet both sides with water evenly.
After use, rinse with water or hot water and dry in the shade.
Dish dryers and microwave ovens cannot be used.
Please do not leave it in water for a long time or wash it after soaking as this may cause darkening or cracking.
Since it is a natural wood material, warping and cracking may occur.
Cypress oil and wood tar may appear, but this is a sign that the tree is healthy.
It is a natural ingredient and is harmless, but if you are concerned about it, please wash it off.


  • Size: 410x230x25mm
  • Weight: 1080g
  • Brand: Kyoto Katsugu