High-quality products of the world created by mastery

  • Concept of Glestain​ 
    The importance of knives in “cooking” goes without saying.Commitment to the knife should be even larger for top professionals. Glestain knives are high-quality products designed and developed with maximized functions by collecting the best of leading “science” and “technology” from the viewpoint of the users.
  • Characteristics of Glestain
    Glestain Knives are made of special Stainless Steel and subjected many stage of special thermal treatments including sub-zero treatment(ultracold treatment).
    High functions have been addressed by thoroughly pursuing the essential elements for knives including corrosion resistance, wear resistance,heat and cold resistance,toughness(strength) and hardness stability(HRC58-59 degrees).

Blades are best gifts that symbolize authority

Since the old times, blades were considered the best article for presentation and the most suitable gifts to the imperial family in celebrations and religious services. Even in recent years, blades are often used in celebrations with the meaning of “cutting a new path as shown in the knife for cutting the wedding cake and tape cut in completion ceremonies. The superstition that “blades cut the bonds” is a foolish legend without any solid basis. Please take the top-end blades of Glestain which conveys the heart of the sender.


  • Blade length: 210mm~360mm
  • Steel type: Stainless Steel