About Tosa Kurotori
The history of Kurotori begins with the original Kurotori family (Kawashima family), which is said to have continued for over ten generations in Kurotori Village, Tosa Aki District. The Kawashima family has been famous as a great blacksmith since ancient times, and it is said that they were one of Tosa’s most representative blacksmiths.
It is said that at the beginning of the Meiji era, there was no heir to the main family, and the first disciple established Kurokuro as the main family, while the second disciple became independent as Totori, each running their own blacksmith shop.
About 150 years ago, Heiji Kajiwara, the third disciple, was approached because there was no blacksmith in Higashimata Village Hondo (currently Higashimata, Shimanto Town), and he started a blacksmith shop as a branch family called Kurotori.

  • Blade length: 240mm
  • Overall length: 405mm
  • Blade height at base: 50mm
  • Blade thickness: 3.8mm
  • Weight: 240g
  • Steel type: Silver Steel #3 (Ginsan steel) Nashiji Finish
  • Handle: Walnut Wood Stainless Horn