Super Gold 2 (SPG2) is our original super high-grade blade steel created by powder metallurgy.
Recent advances in steelmaking technology have made it possible to produce rapidly solidified steel powder by atomizing refined molten steel. Powder metallurgy is a method of steel making that uses the powder as raw material through processes such as compacting, sintering, forging and rolling. Compared to conventional remelted steel, blade steel made by powder metallurgy has no segregation and has a uniform fine structure, resulting in extremely excellent fire forgeability and machinability. In addition, the powder metallurgy method enables the addition of a large number of alloying elements, which is impossible with the conventional melting method, resulting in the creation of Super Gold 2, a super high-grade blade steel with a composition that was previously unobtainable.
Super Gold 2 satisfies all four major requirements for blades:

1. High hardness
2. High toughness
3. Satisfactory abrasion resistance
4. Excellent corrosion resistance

    Super Gold 2 is also called “Powdered Stainless High-speed Steel” because it is the first super high-quality blade that can be achieved by powder metallurgy, and it has the characteristics and properties of high-speed steel that have been converted to stainless steel.
Because of its high temperature hardness, this Super Gold 2 does not degrade and keeps its features even when ceramic or fluoropolymer coating is applied.


  • Blade length: 325mm
  • Overall length: 490mm
  • Blade height at base: 33mm
  • Blade thickness: 3.8mm
  • Weight: 232g
  • Handle: Rosewood Water Buffalo Horn
  • Steel type: Powdered Stainless High-speed Steel SGII Steel (SPG2)